Your DNA is Calling

Lets talk about that voice.

It just a voice inside of you that’s been telling you that you can do better, that you deserve more. That’s how it all started. That voice said that you have something to give to the world. It said that you are something special with unique gifts. You have a special combination of talents that is unique to you.

So what’s stopping you ? The criticism that will be surely be sent your way ? You think they’ll laugh or snicker or talk behind you’re back. They will. SO ! What about it ?

IBM laughed at young Bill Gates when he had an idea about an operating system. And they let him walk out the door with it. Albert Einstein said that the TV was a useless contraption that the world would never find a use for. Somebody invented the pool noodle. Somebody drew a smiley face on a shirt and became wealthy beyond imagination.

How dare you question your DNA. How dare you deny that Heavenly Father put the seeds of greatness in you even before you breathed. Who are you to question that small voice that most of the time has to scream to be heard over the screaming of a boss or supervisor who knows you will jump at his every beckoning.

Instead of hearing the voice and ignoring it, why not try having a conversation with the little guy or girl in your head. Ask questions, find out what it is trying to tell you. Geez, go for it. Summon some courage, discover the vision, fan the flames of passion and start crawling. Then walk and then run and pretty soon you will notice the laughing is subsiding and the snickering just doesn’t matter anymore.

Pat the voice on the back, give it a warm fuzzy because the only thing that has stopped you your whole life is you. It’s not that you haven’t worked hard enough or long enough, it’s that you have never tried.

Finding the courage to ignite the passion of your vision is easier than you ever thought. You have been waiting for other people’s opinion to dig out your own greatness while others are flourishing with theirs.

As a writer once said “It’s not in some of us, it’s in all of us”. It’s in you right now patiently waiting to be uncovered. Move forward, take the first scary step and the second one will get easier. Stop beating up on yourself and then don’t beat up on yourself for waiting so long.

It’s your turn. No regrets. No fear. Just do it.

James M. Rioux
Instagram @ Jamesmrioux & trevohealthclub
Twitter @ jamesmrioux

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