Choose To Have a Great Day

Day 23

If I were to ask 10 people “What would make this a great day for you?”, for sure, I would receive 10 different answers. Since everyone is different, thank goodness, the definition of great would be varied.

We all start at a different place. All of us grow up in different environments. Even siblings may have a different experience growing up in the same household. I for example, am one of 9 children. My oldest sister, having been born in 1946, grew up with a different set of circumstances than did my youngest brothers (twins) who were born in 1962. That’s a musical span from Pat Boone to Motley Crüe.

So even within my family, a great day is very different. A great day for someone in a third world nation may be having a clean sip of water or a proper meal. Here in the USA, a great day would be a choice of fine things to eat for at least three meals.

For someone that is in serious bankruptcy, a gift of $100,000 may be appreciated but wouldn’t necessarily be great, but even that would be a judgement call, depending on your opinion and lot in life. A gift of $100,000 to Bill Gates would be walking around money or even quickly turned into a charitable donation.

For someone to meet their biological father or mother for the first time would be a great day for some, but to others it might be a painful occasion depending on the circumstances of the separation at birth.

The point here is that the opinion of what having a great day or even trying to unleash the greatness within us would be very subjective in nature. So what is a great day or what is the greatness within each of us ?

Bottom line, it’s what we make it. It all has to do with a very personal decision that we make during the first few moments after awakening or even falling asleep at night on a soft pillow made softer by happy and positive thoughts, predetermined by us to make the next day a great one.

If you will discover a thread in my writings, it is that I try to simplify things, not make them more difficult. That may also have to do with my advancing age.

The simple truth, great or greatness is what we make it. Many have said in a variety of ways that we become what we think about. If we go to bed or wake up happy and positive, we more than likely will have a similar type day.

Even when faced with problems during our day, how we deal with it involves seeing the glass half full or empty. It a calculated choice.

Do you believe that today will be a great day ? Then go out a get it. It’s totally up to you.

Choose to have a great day !

James M. Rioux

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