The Impossible Dream ? Oh Really ?

Day 2

In “The Man of La Mancha” Don Quixote sings “The Impossible Dream”, one of my favorite songs to listen to when I need a lift.

I wonder here lately if there is any dream that is truly impossible. I don’t think we dream impossible things, only things that are incomprehensible.

I heard a visionary man in the late 70’s speak of something he saw in a dream. It involved written data being sent through the air without the benefit of wires, entire conversations.

He couldn’t describe it with any more detail than that because he could not conceive how that was possible. He did not think that was an impossible dream however. We know now that he was looking into the future and catching a fleeting glimpse of the Internet. Seeing Facebook probably would have really blown his mind.

“To fight the unbeatable foe”? Is there actually an unbeatable foe once we have decided to engage in battle ? If we deemed the enemy to be unbeatable, we wouldn’t be in harms way in the first place. That’s what white flags are for.

“Unreachable stars” don’t seem so far fetched at this moment as a space exploration vehicle is circling the planet Pluto.

Then I think the logic will follow that there isn’t any “unrightable wrong” and indeed with sports terms like the “runners kick”, I suppose that arms that are caught up in battle or competition are never “too weary” if the goal is of such a magnitude as a “heavenly cause”.

I could go on but the point by now should be clear that the obstacles to our hopes, desires, dreams and goals are erected by others and only when we allow them to hinder our progress by letting them take root can they actually stop us.

We must begin each day by deciding after an initial deep breath to truly believe that any dream is impossible, that any foe is unbeatable, that any star is unreachable or that any foe is unbeatable. The rest of the day is a piece of cake.

“And the world, will be better for this . . . ”

Choose to have a great day !

James M. Rioux

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