Live What You Believe

Day 18

The gospel of Jesus is a gospel of living and doing.

If it were not this it would not voice the Eternal Truth.

Its Temple is Purified Conduct, the entrance-door to which is Self-surrender.

It invites men to shake off sin, and promises, as a result, joy and blessedness and perfect peace.

The Kingdom of Heaven is perfect trust, perfect knowledge, perfect peace. . . .

No sin can enter therein, no self-born Thought or deed can pass its golden gates; no impure desire can defile its radiant robes. . . .

All may enter it who will, but all must pay the price-the unconditional abandonment of self.

(From James Allen’s “Morning and Evening Thoughts”)

When I know that a prospect, whether it is a product using customer or someone that wants to join us in attaining an abundant lifestyle, is trying to live a righteous life and be in tune with the Gospel, I always know that the decisions that they and I are making together are the right ones.

I try to associate myself with people who are on my wavelength or at the very least are trying to make this a better world to live in for all of us.

I truly believe that when it comes to politics and religion though, there are the right times and places to discuss these things, but I try to steer them clear of obvious business situation.

Everyone has their own beliefs and I am sensitive to that.

I don’t know that I have ever been in association with a truly evil person, but I have worked with people who clearly made it known that they didn’t agree with my beliefs, even to the point of telling me to not let anyone know about it.

Never had anyone tell me to be quiet about my adherence to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

And at least once, I have cut ties with that person who felt the way he did about my beliefs while he was loudly espousing his.

The right decision !

Choose to have a great day !

James M. Rioux

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