The Customer Always Comes First

Day 17

There is no strife, no selfishness, in the Kingdom; there is perfect harmony, equipoise, and rest.

Those who live in the Kingdom of Love, have all their needs supplied by the Law of Love.

As self is the root cause of all strife And suffering, so Love is the root cause of all peace and bliss.

Those who are at rest in the Kingdom, do not look for happiness in any outward possessions.

They are freed from all anxiety and trouble and, resting in Love, they are the embodiment of happiness.

(from James Allen’s “Morning and Evening Thoughts”)

Wow. It is amazing sometimes how things just come together at once on a particular subject.

Here James Allen is speaking about the animosity that is created by thinking about ourselves more than the needs of others.

Being blind to those around us allows us to pull away and lose touch with the world.

Reading this for the first time just now, it’s almost scary to remember that just an hour ago I was listening to Wallace Wattles in his book “The Science of Getting Rich” speak of the personal power of concerning ourselves more with the needs of our customers than the competition.

Thinking of the competition creates thoughts of selfishness and jealousy while the concern for our customers brings about a humbling attitude.

Then just after that, I was listening to Gary Vaynerchuk talk about engaging our customers and going out of our way to thank them just for noticing us on social media.

Two old timers like Warrles and and Allen being validated by the new kid on the block, Vaynerchuk.

What goes around comes around.

Choose to have a great day.

James M. Rioux

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