Think It and So It Shall Be

Day 12

Every man reaps the results of his own thoughts and deeds, and suffers for his own wrong.

He who begins right, and continues right, does not need to desire, and search for felicitous results;

they are already at hand; they follow as consequences;

they are the certainties, the realities, of life.

Sweet is the rest and deep is the bliss of him who has freed his heart from its lusts and hatreds and dark desires.

(from James Allen’s “Morning and Evening Thoughts”)

More than one speaker has stated something to the effect that we become what we are around all the time.

If that is a true principle of nature then, if we fill our minds with positive, uplifting and enlightening thought, it follows that our minds can only produce results with the same characteristics.

An old cliche of mine is that it takes twice as many muscles to frown as it does to smile and that’s why so many people are tired all the time, they overwork themselves.

True then also is the idea that we can make our conscience mind smile, thus producing happy thoughts and ideas. I don’t apologize here for using very simple words and phrases because this is not a sophisticated concept.

We don’t have to buy a book or attend a seminar to create this in our own minds. You are the most unique individual on Earth. Lisa Nichols said “God didn’t give my vision to anyone else. He gave my vision to me”. Dr. Seuss put it in an even simpler form when he said “There is no one youer than you”.

Once again we seem to come full circle. If we are constantly, on a minute to minute basis, filling the quiet recesses of our mind with good things, good will things come.

Good things come to those who think good things. It that simple !

Have a great day !

James M. Rioux

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