Love and Sacrifice

Be as a flower; content to be, to grow in sweetness day by day.

If thou would’st perfect thyself in knowledge, perfect thyself in Love.

If thou would’st reach the Highest, ceaselessly cultivate a loving and compassionate heart.

To him who chooses Goodness, sacrificing all, is given that which is more than, and includes, all.

(from James Allen’s “Morning and Evening Thoughts”)

To be given and attain knowledge with good intentions sounds like a waste and even dangerous. So many people who are in the news these days seem to be brilliant people who fall into the dangerous category.
But there are so many people that we all know of in our own personal lives that have gained so much knowledge and do little or nothing with it.
If we can learn to acquire love in equal proportions to knowledge, the goodness would almost naturally be used to elevate our lives to a higher place as well as have a positive influence on mankind.
It would not only happen, but it would be very difficult for it not to happen.
That’s the universe conspiring to make it so.

Have a Great Day

James M. Rioux

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